Friday, February 6, 2009

The Glory

Is it just me or is it natural for us as human beings, as we look forward to heaven, to find solace in all of the things that won't be there in that perfect place of paradise? The mere absence of things such as frustration, pain, tears, dirt and messiness which requires tidying and cleaning will be a wonderfully glorious thing in and of itself. (Anyone want to take a stab at what I was doing while this thought occurred to me!)

Anyway, I think I know enough about heaven to be sure that none of those, above mentioned, things will be present. But as I thought about what will make heaven so "heavenly," I realized it would be the fact that we would be able to experience God in ALL His glory. Let that sink in for a moment!

The more I learn about His glory, the more excited that makes me! I came to the conclusion that even if there were any of those types of things in heaven, (which there aren't) that there would be NO possible chance we would notice them anyway- God's glory would be too bright and too intense. (Wow, if there's ever a time that you can't find any suitable adjectives in the English language, it's when you are trying to covey heavenly things!)

I said all that to say that if the Holy Spirit is my connection to His glory, I want every bit there is to experience here, while I'm still on earth!!! Bring it on!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, How is Emrie, I never read about her anymore on Chad's blog, nor yours. Is it possible you would have time to blog about all of my new family? Thanks Aunt Sandi and gang.

Deeper said...


Great background tune - really lifted me even higher!

Jules (Deeper)